Dirty Loops!!!

I am a HUGE fan of music.  I studied music at The University of Texas at Austin (Hook ’em Horns!) and at The University of Louisville.  One of my favorite ensembles was the New Music Ensemble at UT, and I really loved playing crazy, off-the-wall, new compositions that generally made the audience kind of scratch their heads.

I also LOVE jazz and fusion stuff, and I wish I had a chance to play more.  I am a drummer/percussionist, but lately I have had a calling to learn bass (haven’t started yet).

To the point – having had the music experiences I have had, I am rarely surprised.  Today, I found myself VERY surprised and excited about a band from Sweden.

Dirty Loops – check out this video!

CRAZY!!! Love it!!!

That is all!

Finding focus

I admittedly have not used this site/blog for much of anything over the past year or so.  I have been working on finding a focus for the work I want to do and how to strike the balance between work and personal life.  Gratefully,  my girls are healthy and happy!  That may seem like a random comment, but the reality is my girls are more important than work.  I know that we will have all that we need as long as I continue on my current path!

So what is new and what is coming up?

I am very excited to be working with Regent Promotions (my main client) on a number of very exciting projects.  And I won’t lie, the reason I am finally putting some effort into this site is a result of my consulting work with Regent Promotions.

As far as what is coming up, I plan to be more active with this site.  How?  Sharing tidbits of this and that about things happening in the nonprofit world, projects I am working on, and I may do some creative writing from time to time!

So…if you are reading this.  Thank you!  I hope you will come back, subscribe or whatever it is people do with blogs!

All my best,