Finding focus

I admittedly have not used this site/blog for much of anything over the past year or so.  I have been working on finding a focus for the work I want to do and how to strike the balance between work and personal life.  Gratefully,  my girls are healthy and happy!  That may seem like a random comment, but the reality is my girls are more important than work.  I know that we will have all that we need as long as I continue on my current path!

So what is new and what is coming up?

I am very excited to be working with Regent Promotions (my main client) on a number of very exciting projects.  And I won’t lie, the reason I am finally putting some effort into this site is a result of my consulting work with Regent Promotions.

As far as what is coming up, I plan to be more active with this site.  How?  Sharing tidbits of this and that about things happening in the nonprofit world, projects I am working on, and I may do some creative writing from time to time!

So…if you are reading this.  Thank you!  I hope you will come back, subscribe or whatever it is people do with blogs!

All my best,