Rock Bottom – a Blessing!

I am so grateful for hitting my rock bottom back on November 12, 2012. As a result, I have been gifted with a new life beyond anything I could have imagined. It isn’t the things. It is the freedom!

So grateful for all the people who scooped me up and continue to walk with me on this journey – one day at a time!



Do we know what we are passionate about?  Individually and collectively.  Are we placing faulty conditions on success?  What is success?
If money is the only goal post, we are fighting a losing battle.  I ran that race and it never works.  Money.  Things.  Material possessions.  Once you get what you think you need/want, there is always another goal post…and NONE of that leads to happiness and contentment (personally or professionally).

Passion is where it is at – the true game changer.  If we are driven by passion, we will likely achieve more than we could imagine.  I am just now starting to understand this, and it is a freeing realization!

If I am driven by what I am genuinely passionate about, I am likely not worried about a pay check.  I am not worried about getting things.  I am not worried about pleasing you or making sure I am doing what is popular.  I am being authentic and pursuing what has true meaning in my life.

New Adventures!

I am so grateful for many things in life, including new adventures and opportunities.

J. Morris Consulting & Regent Promotions have established an alliance to offer a fresh approach to nonprofit consulting services. This is a very exciting opportunity for me professionally and personally, and a great avenue to utilize my 20+ years of nonprofit experience.

Regent Promotions has been in business since 1997, and offers a tremendous array of advertising and marketing services. The owner, Jeremy Korba, is a long-time friend, and we have worked together in various capacities since 1997.

How will this change my work?  Pretty simple.  When I am approached by a potential client, the process will flow through Regent Promotions.  In establishing this alliance, we are able to provide a wide array of “soup to nuts” consulting services along with the entire Regent Promotions stable of advertising and marketing services.

I am proud to say we have launched this alliance, and we have already worked with a number of clients on a wide variety of projects!

This is just the beginning.  There will be more stories to share….

The Power of Celebration

It is so easy to underestimate the power of celebration.  We often overlook this vital step in building pride in our wcelebrateork and creating a work environment that acknowledges the big and small achievements.