Do we know what we are passionate about?  Individually and collectively.  Are we placing faulty conditions on success?  What is success?
If money is the only goal post, we are fighting a losing battle.  I ran that race and it never works.  Money.  Things.  Material possessions.  Once you get what you think you need/want, there is always another goal post…and NONE of that leads to happiness and contentment (personally or professionally).

Passion is where it is at – the true game changer.  If we are driven by passion, we will likely achieve more than we could imagine.  I am just now starting to understand this, and it is a freeing realization!

If I am driven by what I am genuinely passionate about, I am likely not worried about a pay check.  I am not worried about getting things.  I am not worried about pleasing you or making sure I am doing what is popular.  I am being authentic and pursuing what has true meaning in my life.