Meet Jamie Morris

Jamie has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 20 years, and he is the owner of J. Morris Consulting.  He is the father of two beautiful girls, Maggie & Kate, and finds that the title “Dad” is the most important title ever bestowed on him.  He takes great pride in his accomplishments over the past 20 years, and his goal today is to share his experience and knowledge with organizations looking for a fresh approach.

Jamie began his career in the nonprofit sector in 1994 as a grant writer/project director at the University of Louisville.  Since then, he has strategically added to his resume a tremendous amount of experience and education that has culminated with the creation of J. Morris Consulting.  Highlights of his career and accomplishments include:

  • Multi-million dollar capital campaign for the construction of a new Boys & Girls Club.  Included a set-aside fund to assist in the long-term operation of the facility.
  • Secured funding from national foundations/organizations including The Kresge Foundation, Baseball Tomorrow Fund (a division of Major League Baseball), and several grants from the Federal Government.
  • Significantly improved resource development efforts, including board development, volunteer engagement, and staff development.
  • Served on a variety of national, regional and local grant screening committees.

The Philosophy – Teach.  Empower.  Sustain.

Teach – The last thing your organization needs is a consultant to tell you what you already know in the form of a fancy report, buzz words and an invoice for thousands of dollars.

J. Morris Consulting’s primary aim is to teach your organization HOW to do the things you need to do to achieve your goals.   We engage your staff/board in real-time training that results in your organization gaining skills needed to raise more money in a more efficient manner.

Empower – Once you have received the appropriate real-time training needed to achieve your goals, you then have the ability to move forward with confidence.  Jamie and his associates are always available for follow-up teaching sessions and coaching.

Sustain – By teaching and empowering you and your organization how to do the things you need to do to succeed, you are squarely on the path of sustainability.  This, of course, does not happen over night, but with the help of J. Morris Consulting, you can begin the journey in earnest.